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Some twitter selenators are as equally as stupid as the beliebers on there lol

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yall literally just saw that her assistant was doing shit behind her back but everything is about justin apparently



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Oct 1, 2014

bizzlenapartofme is baeeeeee

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jfc selena could be talking about canned peas and y’all would find a way to relate it to justin pls find ur chill

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I found it so fun, people always acting like they know shit and assuming shit, and talking shit, and changing their URLs. This is so entertaining.

fr watch when there’s jelena news again they’re gonna be with the “we never doubted jelena” shiz lol

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Anonymous said: Can you explain to me this whole selena and Theresa thing cause I'm so lost and confused. Like what happened?


Theresa went onto Selena’s instagram and unfollowed justin. She then posted by accident on selenas account a selfie. I think selena found out now and she is pissed. Its hard to trust people when your that high up in the media. Selena has every right to be pissed cause thats not right. xo

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selena is literally talking about her faith in god how ya’ll getting justin from that ?

cause they are dumbasses and dont know how to find chill

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